Hey Dude, Are You Named After The Movie?

Yeah if I had a nickel for every time I have been asked this question, I would have a $@*! ton of nickels.  As crazy as it sounds, not everything in this world has a meaning;  That tattoo I got in Costa Rica was nothing more than a sound decision made after 25 other drunken sound decisions.  After years of fielding the question, "Is the truck named after the movie?" it is time to answer this mystery once and for all.  So here is the answer in its most simplest form; No, Yes, and SOMEWHERE IN BETWEEN.

I had a friend tell me the key to naming something was the story the name told and the layers to support that story.  It also needed to roll off the tongue.  The idea of naming ourselves Sin City Dogs seemed like a logical decision; however, painting ourselves into a corner in Las Vegas meant we had zero chance of expanding to other places.  Would Sin City "whatever" survive in markets like LA, NYC, Miami, etc.?  Sure, maybe it could, but what does Sin City have to do with those environments?

Fast forward to the night I was conversing with a drunken airline pilot (YES, as scary as it sounds it was all in good fun.  He said with a slur that it needed to roll off the hip and somewhat jokingly I responded, "like dude where's my hotdog"?  Without hesitation, my friend proclaimed YES, and thus the name was born.

As we continued to build the layers of the name, we realized it would be fun for people trying to find us because we are on wheels and the real beauty of the truck is we can go almost anywhere and never sit in the sameplace! And just like that, in a matter of minutes, we finalized the name of the wiener wagon and have never looked back!

So here is the short version regarding the origin of Dude Where's My Hotdog:

-we do hotdogs

-we are always on the move

-I say "dude" a lot anyways

-stoners love hotdogs

-the movie changed our lives and had that much of an impact on us and should have won an Oscar (J/K)


-we do tacos and lobster corndogs (because these have everything to do with hotdogs)

See You on the Streets

we are gonna need a bigger boat...

The Truth About Finding and Booking The Best Food Trucks

Are you booking a food truck to cater your next party or business lunch but having a difficult time?  Here are a few things you should know to help guarantee your event is a success!

As a food truck owner, the biggest tip to save the most money is to book with the food truck directly.  SEO marketing has made it possible for 3rd party planners (Roaming Hunger) to book events on behalf of the food trucks.  They tend to overcharge the customer and underpay the food trucks.  I recently booked a food truck through a 3rd party site to see what they would charge.  The breakdown was $1400 to the food truck and $735 to the 3rd party booking agent.  Directly booking with the food truck in this situation would have been $1500 thus saving the customer $635!

    Another issue with 3rd party booking agents is they do not know your city like the food trucks do.  Do you really want a planner at their desk in Los Angeles organizing your event that is taking place in Las Vegas?  The food trucks you select will be there the day of your event and I can promise you their number one priority is to relieve the event organizer of any stress as it pertains to having food at the event.  Food trucks are so great because they are self contained and their operators will be onsite to ensue a wonderful guest experience.

    Finally, if you are not sure what food truck to pick, I encourage you to pick up the phone or send an email to any truck you can find.  Food trucks are like family and we all communicate and share jobs; furthermore, no one knows food trucks better than,well, food trucks!  We know all the different cuisines and will do our best to help send you in the right direction.

    If you have any questions, please comment below or click on our contact page!  We are here to provide you the best overall guest experience, even if that means we send you to another truck for business!