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Lenny Mental

Forget about GG Allin, Lenny Mental is the real deal.  Check his bands site if you doubt me.

Punk Rock Bowling has come and gone and we are now counting the days for the 20th edition next year!  We are playing with the idea of holding a contest (WE NEED HELP WITH IDEAS) and the prize will be 2 general admission 3 day passes (ON US) for the annual gathering in 2018!  

Punk Rock Bowling (TWITTER) has given us the opportunity to meet some of the greatest people; YEAH, they can smell funny and look different, but they are human and that is what we love about them.  

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Meet Nat 

of Radiation Records and Puke 'N' Vomit Records.  He likes to eat about 8 hotdogs per day at PRB.

If you have met Nat, then you were probably surprised like us when you found he has an actual friend named Aids.  No, not surprised by the name; rather the fact Nat actually has a friend.  Trying to get a good picture with Aids is almost impossible because he cannot stand still, but he is super cool and likes to slip things into Nat's drink to make him vomit.

PRB is not like other festivals where the performers hide in a green room.  

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Meet Meggers

Drummer with some good chops for a pretty good band and likes to eat vegan hotdogs.

PRB (INSTAGRAM) weekend is over for now.  We are tired, hungover, feel like shit, and cannot wait to do it again next year!  We hope you enjoyed the pics and please give us some ideas for the two 3-day passed giveaway.