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2019 has started off with a BANG.... Just dropping in to show you some of the things we have been up to. Nothing to exciting, unless you have an appreciation for guns, ammo, and snorting lines of salt...Enjoy.


The Weiner Man

Chris from Dude Where's My Hotdog can't help but snorting some salt during work hours. His first try, not a huge success on the inhale...

Chris has picked up a bad habit. He likes to sniff lines of salt to keep him on point during work. I never realized this was such a thing but I am proud to have captured this beauty on video. I wonder if there is such a thing as Salt Anonymous.... Anyway if you see us out, stop by and do some salt tooters!

Shot by Angel (during the middle of a shift), Chris was ready to show off his new SNHD health card and how handy it comes in when you need a bump of salt to get you through the night...
Did an event with the truck here at The Sand Dollar Lounge. They had a beer vending machine, figured why the hell not....best $4 PBR experience yet...

So that is the beer vending machine at the Sand Dollar Lounge in Las Vegas. Pretty cool feature so if you have vending machine fetish stop on by....

Just finished a day at the range for Shot Show 2019! It was pretty busy, sorry couldn't take any photos cause we were just too steady, but took a couple of videos so you could kind of get the experience. Windy and cold, and the constant sounds of rounds popping off make for an interesting day. Met some great people out there and had a blast so the poor weather conditions were totally worth it!

Shot Show 2019 at the Boulder Rifle and Pistol Club.
Walking through Shot Show 2019 at the Boulder Rifle and Pistol Club range after the we served lunch. It was cold and windy.

If you are out in Las Vegas this weekend for the Adult Entertainment Expo, look us up! We will be at The Bunkhouse Saloon Friday and Saturday night! Check the EVENTS PAGE here!