PART 1: We Went to The Middle East (of Europe) for a Street Food Adventure! #foodie #travel #blog

“Life is mystery, his life is history”: Vaclav Havel portrayed on a wall in Kampa Island. Prague, Czech Republic

“Life is mystery, his life is history”: Vaclav Havel portrayed on a wall in Kampa Island. Prague, Czech Republic

Another Hotdog Adventure!!!

I will not falsely claim Anthony Bourdain inspired us and all that baloney. Some folks like to travel so they can take a cool instagram pic. No, we actually had a craving for some street food so we hopped on a plane to The Middle East (of Europe).

On our journey, we managed to lose our underwear, save a Romanian couple from breaking up, meet some amazing people, see some great sights, and, most importantly, eat some KILLER FOOD!

Dude Where's My Hotdog has taken on a whole new meaning from when we first started. When we travel, we are always looking for inspiration to improve our craft. We look for the things that help us remember what we experienced; the people, the food, the feelings, the culture, etc. To me, it is about getting outside of your comfort zone, meeting new people and participating in their culture!

Below are some highlights. ENJOY………….

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German Bratwurst

Robust flavor from J-Train’s motherland. We ate this puppy in Dresden and it didn’t disappoint! The bun was fresh, the mustard was spicy, and the sausage was worth the line we waited in!


Berlin Doner Kebab

Found a cool street food park near Berlin Ostbahnhof. There were hotdogs, pizza, tacos and the kebab shack. Tasty……. And Berlin is amazing.


Kebab (Not Kabob)

Dude. Tried this little piece of heaven in Dresden. Everything was fresh and tasty. I will be honest, I made Jess eat the bratwurst and I took over the kebab cause it was just too delicious. Thank god for middle eastern street food in Germany!

Berlin is awesome. They have everything; history, food, art, culture. We stayed in the Ostbahnhof area (check out YAAM, African street market, food, live music, beach) and immediately hit up the Berlin Wall, followed by a trip to Brandenburg Gate and Check Point Charlie. On our way out of the city, we got on and found an abandoned children's hospital, The Kinderkrankenhaus in Weissensee (MORE PHOTOS HERE). This place was creepy, filled with art, and had to jump a few fences to get in but so worth it.


Hotdogs and Beer

Daniel just opened in Copenhagen, Denmark. His spot is in the Nørrbro District. Awesome dogs, huge selection of beer, and just a great spot to grab a quick meal.

Wow... Copenhagen (København ) Denmark is nothing short of amazing. I might be wrong, but I think I figured out why the Danish are known to have the highest quality of life in the world. We had an awesome AirBnB in the Nørrebro District. This is the best area to stay in; restaurants, bars, and all the other cool stuff you will want to see there. We literally stayed across the street from Assistens Cemetery, burial site of Jess' most hated philosopher (yes, she was a philosophy major and is a total nerd). Not far from there we found Hotdogs and Beer, a new hotdog joint that specializes in, well, hotdogs and beer. Daniel just opened this spot and he's onto something good. He showed me a Danish tradition of eating a hotdog with chocolate milk; dude, salty hotdog washed down with chocolate milk sounds like shit, but man does it work and its super tasty. We also found a cool street food park called REFFEN. Tons food choices, beverages, art, skatepark, etc. We even saved the Romanian couple running SIDES.CPH from divorcing with some crazy antics and having some fun. During our time here, Copenhagen's top street food critic, HOTDOGJUDGE (FOLLOW HIM), saw some of my posts and hit us up for lunch. He took us to Hotdog Johns Deli, Copenhagen premier dog shop. The HOTDOGJUDGE is so cool and gave us some huge insights to spots to eat and visit! Which leads our visit to FREETOWN CHRISTIANA. I guess this area was taken over by the people and is no longer patrolled by police so you can only imagine what you can find here. No, it is not dangerous. In fact, it is quite safe. Jess picked out a guy to befriend; he had tattoos from head to toe, most likely got them in prison, and Benjamin turned out to be the nicest and coolest acquaintance. We ended spending several hours just shooting the shit with him and his friends in the main restaurant/bar/cafe in the area.

I have dragged on way too long here, so come back for PART 2 next week when we visit Norway and find out our AirBnB host is Pablo Escobar.
— Ashley The Hotdog Dude