"Go Ahead, Skin It! Skin That Smokewagon And See What Happens!"


Well, that's a wrap on Chris!  Sad to see this hell raiser go and gonna miss him like crazy.  Chris has been slinging wieners with us for the last 3 years and has moved onto bigger wieners in The Dirty Dirty aka ATLANTA!  You can see his technique above and his experience is obvious.  If you are there and single, are a furry, not a furry, like punk rock, beer, cats.....Actually, all you really need is a mouth; SOOO hit me up and I will gladly get you in touch (or touched by) with Chris.  Bust seriously, Chris, I am just so fucking proud of how much you have grown over the last few years.  Never forget us! And please, never ever talk about the pictures that Chelsea sent you; NO ONE NEEDS TO KNOW ABOUT THAT!  Thank you for everything and LOVE YOU CHRIS!


In other news, recently did AdobeMax at The Linq!  Such a cool party and if you ever get the chance, GO!  




We have been so damn busy lately we have fallen off our nightly route.  All these big events have distracted us from those who matter most; YOU! We will be back in DTLV before you know it!

See You BOZOS soon!